FORT WAYNE, IN – Essex Brownell announced today that it will expand its operational footprint in the Southeastern United States by relocating and expanding its distribution center in McDonough, Georgia. The new facility will be inside the same industrial complex as the previous location which will ensure uninterrupted, if not expedited service, for its customers. Essex Brownell will also retain the current staff, and create an opportunity to double employment, at the new location.

Vice President of Operations & Customer Service Rebecca Hunnicutt said that the opportunity to go from 25,000 sq. feet to more than 133,000 was an easy choice, thanks to additional benefits it provided.

“We have been in McDonough since 1999 and we have a staff there that is just fantastic,” she said. “So, first and foremost, being able to retain and expand that group was a major influence. It is similarly beneficial to maintain the great relationship that we have with the property management team there.

“Factoring in those two key elements with how we believe Essex Brownell was able to accomplish its business goals for ‘continued investment in the region’ and ‘better support of our customers’, it did not require much discussion from an executive perspective.”

This is the second expansion in operations inside of one year for Essex Brownell, as it opened a state-of-the-art facility in Reno, Nevada during Q2 of 2022.

Hunnicutt said that she expects that the current customers serviced out of the location will see no interruption in their service. She does expect others to see increases in speed for theirs.

“We are expanding and growing,” she said. “That is a win-win for the organization and for our customers. There is no interruption with retraining or going through some of those pain processes of a traditional expansion. We are also larger and closer to the customers. We can reduce redundancy or overlap routing with the post-COVID supply chain, and we can ensure that we have the right material at the right time at the right place.

“Ultimately this makes us more nimble and quicker in delivering product to the customer. And that is our long-term focus.”

About Essex Brownell

Essex Brownell is an international distributor of magnet wire and the ancillary products used to build and repair motors, generators, transformers, and electrical components. In addition to supplying discrete materials, Essex Brownell also provides custom fabrication and rewind services though our Essex Active converting facilities. Essex Brownell is Customer Focused… Performance Driven. For more information or to make an online order, visit